Hope you are all enjoying some time off this summer! Summer “slide” is REAL. If you don’t use it- you DO lose it…..  Don’t forget to keep those awesome routines in place, especially reading every day! Richland Co. Public Library (have you been to the new R2i2 yet? It’s a MUST see!) is open and has a great incentive program going to read books! http://www.richlandlibrary.com/summer

On our webpage and in our office, we have Summer Reading BINGO sheets. You don’t want to miss our super cool incentive (I think I hear the GAME TRUCK??) if you turn in your sheet!

Keep reading and practice those math facts so that you can beat Mrs. Beaman! (I’ve heard she’s pretty fast!)

Don’t forget to sharpen the saw… here is a link to a great website with 101 ideas to keep it fun this summer…. http://www.parenting.com/article/fun-things-to-do-summer ….

Take care and stay cool.. and READ!

reading bee