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Welcome back bees!!

It was a wonderful sight to see all our precious bees back at the hive today! We hope that you all were able to spend quality time with your children. We’re getting back in the swing if things – we still have a lot to do! Thanks again for all you do as parents!


Parent Summit a Huge Success!

Yesterday, Richland School District Two hosted its first ever Parent Summit! We had an amazing turnout and the conversations that were had we’re just so insightful and authentic. Jamie Vollmer, author of Schools Cannot Do It Alone, was our guest speaker in the morning. You can listen to his story and to his famous “blueberry story” here.

He is a huge proponent of communities and schools building a true and strong partnership with our schools. We spent the afternoon learning more about our district and having great conversations with each other. One statistic that shocked a lot of people were that 77% of the people in our community (Richland Two) do NOT have school age children. So, how do we reach these families and business owners? We took the time to have critical conversations to ask what are the challenges for the community and parents that school leaders need to know and understand. What are the challenges that you as a parent or community member face? Please help us know so that we can start building that bridge together. Email me at if you have any suggestions! Here are a few pics from the day….our panel- two Richland 2 parents, our superintendent, and Jamie Vollmer and a picture of me and one of our PTO presidents, Kim Hale.



Have you laughed today?

20120709-214919.jpg I hope you all are enjoying your time off from crazy school schedules and sports and dance and well, the list goes on! I’m a self proclaimed Pinterest fan and often find little quotes like these that make me stop and really pay attention to what I’m doing… To be truly present. You know- turn off the phone kind of present! I hope you found time today to truly enjoy your child and laugh! I have the best job on the planet and I certainly miss the sounds of children at the school! And although the school is quiet, we’re working hard to get ready for school to crank back up… Time is slipping by fast, so savor those stress-free moments with your children… and don’t forget to laugh!!

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