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Read bees!! 


First Day for our Bees!

We are so excited to welcome you tomorrow to the first day of school! Our doors will open at 7:30am.  You are welcome to park and walk your child in! 🙂

Please let the teacher know how your child will get home these first few days. We want to make sure they get home safely and efficiently. Please bear with us these first few days with dismissal. The carpool line is especially long and children are learning the procedures to exit quickly!

We hope you got to enjoy the awesome eclipse today!

See you soon! It’s going to be a #premieryear at the hive…. think BIG bees…. it’s all about #learnleadlove and believing you CAN! bumblebee

We need some college FLAGS!

We are collecting college flags! If you have one that you’d like to donate or one to spare, we’d be MOST appreciative! Just bring to the front office! Thank you for your support of our bees… we’re growing the SC Graduate right here at Lonnie B! 🙂 We love HBCUs, out of state colleges, private colleges, public colleges! We love them all. We want our bees to know what opportunities await them after the SC Graduate!


Foster Grandparents!

This is such a wonderful experience for us at Lonnie B. Nelson…. check out our very own Grandma on the front page with one of our bees!

We’d love to have MORE Grandmas!
Check out Grandma Lillie working hard this summer: 

Foster Grandparents spend summer at Camp Sunshine

This summer, seven Foster Grandparents are volunteering at Camp Sunshine, an eight-week day camp for individuals with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities sponsored by the Richland County Recreation Commission.
The camp is an opportunity for children with a diverse set of special needs to have fun with structured activities. The Foster Grandparents nurture the campers by holding their hands and helping keep them calm and safe.  They additionally serve as door monitors and assist with feeding the campers.
We are grateful to Foster Grandparents Emma Addison, Lillie Anderson, Mattie Bookhart, Patricia Grant, Dorothy Johnson, Thelma Miller and Inez Speaks, who are giving of their hearts and time this summer to support and encourage disabled children.


Annual Registration?

Next one is July 19!

Registration night flyer1

Summer Stretch

Check out the Education Oversight Committee’s newest information for parents!  gives grade level concepts to be studied as well as things you can do at home to support growing these concepts! gives a list of easy to read standards that will be taught in school! Check it out and get a head start!

bee informed


Registration night flyer1 (1)

Bees in summer!

Hope you are all enjoying some time off this summer! Summer “slide” is REAL. If you don’t use it- you DO lose it…..  Don’t forget to keep those awesome routines in place, especially reading every day! Richland Co. Public Library (have you been to the new R2i2 yet? It’s a MUST see!) is open and has a great incentive program going to read books!

On our webpage and in our office, we have Summer Reading BINGO sheets. You don’t want to miss our super cool incentive (I think I hear the GAME TRUCK??) if you turn in your sheet!

Keep reading and practice those math facts so that you can beat Mrs. Beaman! (I’ve heard she’s pretty fast!)

Don’t forget to sharpen the saw… here is a link to a great website with 101 ideas to keep it fun this summer…. ….

Take care and stay cool.. and READ!

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